A message to those who care.

Regarding my forced recovery and subsequent relapse.

If you were an avid checker of this site before, you've probably noticed the absolute flatline in activity. This was both because of my mental health going downhill and my family forcing me into recovery shortly after I hit my LW in that specific relapse. I wanted to go way, way lower, obviously, but they decided to severalhandedly crush my goals and bring me back up about 4KG before leaving me back where I started. As of the writing of this post it is Friday August 13th 2021, my CW as of this morning is 54.5KG/120LBS and I am 3.5KG away from getting to my LW again. It's really not spectacular, but this time I'll stick to it. If they don't see my deterioration and decide to send me back to yoyo diet hell I'll get to my current secondary GW of 50KG. Then 45, then 43, then maybe 40 if I really feel like it. Maybe I'll recover and maintain at 45 or so. Who knows.
I haven't been tracking calories since I don't really feel the need to as long as I do somewhat safe OMADs. As said on the tracking page itself I will no longer be updating it until I start tracking again.

TL;DR, was forced to recover, gained fuckton of weight and couldn't update for who knows how long. I am now relapsing again and hopefully going to update consistently along with it.

If you've stuck around this far, thank you.

Best regards,