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Lux Azevedo

ED topics/thoughts/stuff. Proceed with caution.


As you most likely read above, my name is Lux, and this is my website. Obviously.
To avoid sugarcoating its contents, I'll just say you might want to stay away from here if you suffer from any form of eating disorder and are actively trying to recover. This website is made to function as a vessel for my thoughts, knowledge, tracking, etc., and if that's something that may trigger you into relapsing I fully recommend you click away.

If you are equipped to stay, I welcome you into my realm of despair. I have a few links for you to look at at the top of this page that I mostly try to update regularly. The calorie tracking and journal entries are the most frequently updated. Stats are updated weekly. Menu is a work in progress.

I feel the need to clarify I am NOT in any way pro-ana. I am pro-acceptance. The promotion of life threatening afflictions and mental illness is not something I want to associate myself with. As stated earlier, this website is for my own personal collection of miserable little things. I do not encourage anything I do.


Please read my recent post regarding the forced recovery and relapse I have been put through. My numbers are different and I cannot stress the embarrassment I feel over my entire existence at the current moment. You can find the other details and shit in this message.


Updated home page. Removed cute cat gif. Clarified some things I felt needed to be said before I drag my ass to bed.

...That rhymed.

Anyway. That's all for now. I'm tired. Goodnight Neocities people.


Finally finished this main page and added the navigation bar thing to the other pages. Took me long enough, and there's still improvement to be made later. For now, though, this is satisfactory enough.

As a reward for being patient with my shit, I grant you this.