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The menu.

This is VERY unfinished. Please remain patient.

Featuring an appropriately warm color scheme, I present to you my hilariously anorexic library of "nourishment".

A note before I begin:

Calorie-specific stuff:

I'll sort categories of things from highest calorie number to lowest (200-150-100-50). 150-200cal items are usually reserved for larger meals like breakfast or lunch (I don't get to decide/skip/make my own dinner) whereas I'll have 50-100cal items to tide me over until the next meal if I'm desperate enough. A lot of smaller things (e.g. fruit, smaller candies) on these lists will appear multiple times, just adjusted for whichever calorie amount it's meant to suit (but generally never above recommended serving size). Items will be listed highest-to-lowest in their respective quadrants. Things that edge on being- or are usually fear foods will be marked with an "X". You can CTRL+F to find whichever calorie number you want quicker.

Recipes of sorts:

You can find the stuff I make on the calorie list as well by name. Obviously not everyone's going to know what I've personally named everything I might make for a meal, so I decided to mark these down as well. Recipes will be listed by calorie amount, most don't require baking or cooking and are generally pretty lazy. I'm not a chef in the slightest. Some things may be more common for people to consume, and if they already have a name I'll gladly switch over to using that instead for ease of communication. Others that are Lux-ian will remain crowned with whatever title I prefer.



Here is my Luxish recipe list for those who desire it. As stated somewhere near the top of this page, these things of nourishment are comprised mostly of safe foods and are easy as shit to make because I suck at cooking.

1: [oh hey fruit exists].

I usually have this for breakfast when I feel like putting actual effort into it. You could have it for any meal of the day or a snack, whichever you see fit; I don't know your life. I'd call this recipe summery and fruity, which isn't my usual aesthetic, but it works. I think. I hope.


Total recipe calories: 205.

How to put together:

Result should look like this:

Monochrome palette is optional. Visual static is optimal.